Radiant Church // Calvary Chapel

We are happily a part of Calvary Chapel

We do not have service teams.

We think it's important that everyone lends a hand, so if you see something needing to be done at church then go right ahead!

We don't take up tithes & offerings

We believe tithing is a part of worship, but a personal one at that. We don't make it a part of our services, but we do have a tithe box at the back of the church for everyone to tithe as the Lord leads them.

Discipleship is important to us

We believe a disciple is someone that is learning and teaching at the same time, and we want everyone to learn more about Jesus and grow closer to Him day by day.

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Our Values

It’s not about us. We are here to make Jesus known. The invitation starts now.


What to expect

You’ll be welcomed into a friendly, casual environment by people who are glad to see you.


Kids are awesome

We consider it our calling to co-labour with the families of our church


    Radiant Church // Calvary Chapel Winnipeg

    241 Vaughan Street

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    Gathering Time: Sunday 10:00 AM

    Radiant Church is growing. It is a place full of people who are engaged in biblical teaching and ‘life on life’ discipleship with the purpose of developing and strengthening their relationship with God. We are disciples making disciples, and life groups making life groups. We do not want to be famous, we want Jesus to be known.

    Sunday @ 10:00 AM
    241 Vaughan Street