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News and UpdatesI wrote a book and it is coming out very soon!

I wrote a book and it is coming out very soon!

I’m in the final stages of writing a book on keeping it real in ministry. Published through Thomas Nelson, it’s going to be finishing production and design over the next few weeks.

Some things in life happen in a way where you can feel lost in the woods, wishing you had a guide. Nothing can ever prepare you for these life changing events which turn you around. How do we find our way when we feel as though we have been flying right-side up our whole lives? Yet, we find that really, we’ve been upside down? When we’re starting out in ministry, we can think we have it all figured out until the rubber hits the road. Ministry demands an authentic person with a heart submitted to Jesus Christ. Any middle ground is cheapening things to the point where it can be more of you and less of Him. There needs to be a change, a rewilding of the pastoral heart. We need to get back to the days of Acts 2 and live them out beyond knowledge of the words themselves. Those are the kinds of private revolutions that send ripples throughout your sphere of relationship. Nothing can prepare you for when The Lord calls you out of the rhythm of life to walk His will, His way.

Stay tuned!

Radiant Church is growing. It is a place full of people who are engaged in biblical teaching and ‘life on life’ discipleship with the purpose of developing and strengthening their relationship with God. We are disciples making disciples, and life groups making life groups. We do not want to be famous, we want Jesus to be known.

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