There are various people who you will meet when you visit on a Sunday morning but our goal is that you encounter Jesus Christ. He is the Head of the Church and our great High Priest. (Eph. 1:22–23, 4:15, 5:23), He has gifted the church with people to lead and guide the church towards Christ. At Calvary Chapel Winnipeg we have Servants whose role it is to ensure Jesus remains our focus.

Our leaders are encouraged to carefully pray through 1 Timothy 3: 1 – 7. While we do not take a legalistic stance (because legalism sucks), we believe that it should be the heart of every leader to aspire to be the person reflected in those verses. While no one has a perfect family (there’s not even an example of one in the Bible), the question we ask is whether problems happen because of poor leadership or despite good leadership. These verses from 1 Timothy 3 are not just restricted to leadership, they are great for every Christian that is growing in maturity. As a band of brothers, our Pastors look out for one another and lift each other up in the work that God has given each of us to do.

Accountability is very important to us. We believe that the local church is the body of Christ. As a team, we actively seek accountability and counsel from our Board of Directors and other Calvary Chapels in Canada.

Our church structure is not congregational or presbyterian, but rather with one leader and other leaders working in cooperation. This is the Calvary Chapel model and the model for our church. We have Elders, and a Board of Directors, but the emphasis is on the leadership and calling of the Senior Pastor (Earl Buchan).

Lead Pastor

Earl Buchan

Associate Pastor

CJ Morgan

Worship Pastor

Rodion Ihnatenko

Family Life Pastor

Terrence Wiebe

Outreach Pastor

Lance Neubauer

Finance, Operations, and VP of Radiant Church Charity

Melanie Wiebe

Pastors. Everyone in the church has a servant’s heart, our Pastors are recognized in the church for works of service. (i.e. serving and caring for God’s people in (1 Tim. 3:8 –13).) They have oversight in Life Groups, Worship and other ministries.

Elders serve under Christ and work with our Lead Pastor. God intends for more than one man to lead the church as a safeguard for both the church and the man. The doctrine of plurality accommodates for leaders amongst leaders (1 Timothy 5:17), but this is for the purpose of functionality rather than superiority. It is more of a ‘first among equals’ rather than a hierarchy. At Calvary Chapel Winnipeg the Elders are comprised of people who call this church home and see the goings-on day-by-day, and their role is to watch over and support Earl Buchan as he serves as the Lead Pastor. We also have a Board of Directors that is comprised of other Calvary Chapel Pastors both within our congregation and from other churches throughout Canada.

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    Radiant Church is growing. It is a place full of people who are engaged in biblical teaching and ‘life on life’ discipleship with the purpose of developing and strengthening their relationship with God. We are disciples making disciples, and life groups making life groups. We do not want to be famous, we want Jesus to be known.

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