• Adaelia Wiebe
  • Phil Bond
  • Britt Neubauer
  • Melanie Wiebe
  • Marria Buchan
  • Lance Neubauer
  • Rodion Ihnatenko
  • Terrence Wiebe
  • Earl Buchan

Board of Directors, Elders, and the Servant Team

On Sunday mornings you’ll see familiar faces, including the ones above. Some you may not see are from the Board of Directors. This Board is ultimately responsible for the welfare and safety of the church on a financial and spiritual oversight level. This Board is comprised of Calvary Chapel pastors across Canada, including three from our own congregation. This is to ensure accountability on a local and an association level for our Lead Pastor, Earl Buchan.

We also have a group of Elders called the Band of Brothers. This is made up of men from our congregation who have both hands and feet involved in the week by week service of the church. They provide pastoral support along with leadership in Bible Studies and outreach events.

Our servant team is a group of people from the church where many hands truly make light work. If there’s a decision the church needs to make, or a situation where a collaborative approach wins the day, this is the group who will work with our lead pastor.

Last, but most certainly not least, is our Finance and Administration team. We have checks and balances in place so that no one person is solely responsible for the finances, though the responsibility ultimately rests on our lead pastor’s shoulders. Our Board approves budgets and finances, and the rest is left up to this team to oversee financial stewardship throughout the year. Reporting, receipting, expenses, and gifts all come from this one group.

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