At Radiant Church, you’ll find a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We find ourselves telling people quite often that what you see is what you get. We aren’t very formal here in how we dress, or conduct ourselves. We are serious about how we handle teaching from the Bible, and do so in an expository format. Our teaching is chapter by chapter, verse by verse through the Bible. Worship is inspired and leads us on to praise.

Family oriented, our community spends a lot of time together in one way or another throughout the week. Some have come to heal, others have come to participate. Some come with skills to lead while others want to be discipled and trained up. No matter what brings you to Radiant Church, you will find a bible based community with a passion for discipleship where Jesus is at the centre of every decision. 

We have a coffee/tea break between worship and our teaching time. It’s a great space for everyone to join in some conversation, prayer, and genuine fellowship. At the end of our service we leave plenty of time for prayer, and have a prayer team ready to serve.

Come as you are, you are welcome here.

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